How can we ensure that what we drink is natural and full of flavour?

Follow this drop

This drop of water began its life in the natural biosphere reserve of the mountains of montseny. Why is the origin of the water so important?

Why is the origin of the water so important?

Why is it good for our health?

Pure mountain water is not only hydrating but, thanks to the minerals and other natural properties it contains, it also ensures our bodies are able to function like clockwork.

How does it improve the taste?

There’s a huge difference between mountain water – fallen from the sky and filtered through the ground – and the treated water we drink from taps. It’s not difficult to imagine the negative impact of city life and activity on the taste and quality of treated water.

Properties of the water from montseny nature reserve

It contains beneficial mineral salts that are absorbed by the water on its journey through the ground to its spring. Given its low level of mineralisation, it’s also recommended for low sodium diets. Given the water’s natural origin, its sensory properties are excellent.

We then add further natural Ingredients to the water, such as grains or nuts, in perfectly balanced quantities for your body.

How do we do it?

And we blend them in montseny natural reserve, with the minimal amount of processing so as to extract as much natural flavour as possible.

And we package them in briks 100% recyclable materials.

We do all of this to make a better world and so you can enjoy a healthier, happier and tastier life.

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