Health and taste

We believe in tasty, healthy and balanced food, for everyone.

The only flavour enhancers we use are the water from Montseny natural reserve and the best, freshest ingredients.
The more natural the better.


Health: Pure mountain water hydrates us and, thanks to the minerals and other natural properties it contains, it ensures our bodies are able to function like clockwork.

Taste: Nothing tastes as good as something made with mountain water.

Montseny's environment

Health: Having the processing plant located in the heart of the nature reserve inspires all who work there to produce the most natural products possible.

Taste: The environment, the ingredients and the water give a flavour that is natural and intense, like nature herself.


Health: To guarantee the health benefits, we search far and wide for the best ingredients. And we negotiate on quality, not price.

Taste: When the ingredients are good, the final product is good.

Technique and talent

Health: We developed and patented our very own technique of extracting as much flavour and as many nutrients as possible from the ingredients.

Taste: We’re constantly striving to simplify our technique and processes to ensure that every drop in every drink has a natural flavour.


Minimal intervention

Health: We’ve designed and developed simple methods of preparing ingredients in order to naturally preserve their health benefits, without having to add flavourings or other additives.

Taste: Likewise, the less you alter the natural structure of things, the more natural the taste.


No to additives

Health: We don’t use additives unless it’s absolutely essential to the stability of the product.

Taste: Lots of manufacturers use additives to enhance the flavour of their products. We put our faith in nature.


No to genetic engineering

Health: We don’t use genetically modified ingredients. While their effect on health is still unclear, we do know the environmental impact is negative.

Taste: We don’t use them on principle, so their effect on taste is irrelevant.


100% vegetable

Health: We prefer a diet rich in vegetable protein and therefore we don’t use a single animal product. We prefer animals to stay where they belong: in nature.

Taste: Our drinks are 100% vegetable and that’s what gives them the distinct flavour we love so much.

We do all of this to make a better world and so you can enjoy a healthier, happier and tastier life.

Pure Natural Plant Power